Installation Services

Installation Services

Stationary Power Systems employs highly trained and experienced Service Technicians that can support all of your battery installation, extraction and disposal needs. Our team can provide system design & layout, battery rack and cabinet installation, battery and equipment removal, spill containment, IEEE capacity testing, internal resistance testing, preventative maintenance services (PM), battery monitoring, disconnects, cabling and breakers.

We are a licensed Hazardous Materials Transporter that can facilitate battery removal, transportation, and disposal services providing our customers with all required documentation to comply with the EPA standards and policies.

We specialize in all DC power applications to include: UPS, Data Center, Central Office, Outside Plant, Cellular, Emergency Lighting, Switch Gear, Generator, and Fire Pump.


Please contact our Service Team @ (877) 924-4949 for a free, no obligation consultation or site visit to discuss your battery installation or removal needs.

Please contact our Sales Department and let us go to work for you today on sizing and packaging the very best solution for your application.